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Your most fulfilled life starts here.

Unwind your mind with the Magic of Mindfulness

The Magic of Mindfulness transformative membership teaches you to tap into your most powerful resource – your mind – to create the life you deserve. 

Life can feel overwhelmingly busy.

You work, and take care of life admin during your ‘break’. While dinner is cooking, you yank the washing off the line and plan to fold it when you watch the news later. Before bed, you run through your mental checklist: take the meat out of the freezer, pack the daycare bag, lock the door, did you do that thing at work … the list goes on. 


Tomorrow comes and you do it all again. 


When you’re rushing to keep your head above water, the balance, connection, and clarity that comes with being present feels completely out of your reach. 

If you’re constantly moving from one thing to the next each day, as well as dealing with the unexpected challenges life throws your way – 


How do you do all the things expected of you, without pushing away your feelings, identity and needs, and compromising the quality of your one and only precious life?


By learning to embrace mindfulness you will see even the smallest shifts have a positive impact. 

“Working with Sammy is one of the best things I have done. She has helped my mindset, rewiring some beliefs and negative thoughts. I can be vulnerable. There is no judgment.
Invest in yourself. You will be so glad you did.”

Barbara, Illawarra


Meet Sammy

Creator of the Magic of Mindfulness Membership. 

Certified Meditation, Mindfulness, and Mindset Mentor, Professional Member of the Meditation Australia Association, Coach at the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness

Sammy's driving force is to make mindfulness accessible to all. 

The benefits of her teachings can include reduced stress, anxiety, fear and self-doubt, improved sleep, connection with others and so much more.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You give to others, but find it hard to prioritise yourself 

  • Feelings of burnout, stress, and anxiety are common in your life

  • Your body, mind, and intuition tell you something needs to change

  • You are familiar with self-limiting beliefs like:

  • Perfectionism, lack of confidence, fear, and guilt 

  • A sense of a loss of identity – potentially through motherhood or children growing up.  

  • You’re ready to reconnect with who you are and what you need in this moment

  • Sometimes you feel lonely – or like you exist for everyone else

  • You’ve experienced loss or trauma

  • You want to make a positive change but aren’t sure where to start

Neuroscientists have found evidence that at age fifty, the brains of meditators were estimated to be 7.5 years younger

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an evidence-based therapy. It is the practice of consciously focusing your attention on the present moment—and accepting it without judgment, attachment, or control

Studies show mindfulness meditation helps to:

(ref Sane Australia).

  • preserve the thinking part of your brain

  • grow the parts of the brain associated with learning, thinking, emotional regulation, empathy, compassion, and perspective

  • reduce fear, anxiety, and stress

  • improve attention, concentration, and memory

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Why choose the Magic of Mindfulness Membership?

The Magic of Mindfulness Membership is not about perfection or adding another thing to your to-do list.

The program is curated in alignment with the principles of mindfulness, mediation, coaching, and manifestation.


It’s all set out for you, ready to bring positive change to your life.

You don’t have to go it alone – Sammy is there to guide you every step of the way.


It's designed to be accessible and easy to incorporate.


It gives you the tools and teachings to take you from a place of uncertainty, struggle, and stress, and move you towards clarity, confidence, and calm.  


You’ll learn how to focus your energy in a way that serves you best. 


You’ll be given access to a private Facebook group with a community that understands you, where you can interact as much or as little as you like.


Sessions are available live or on-demand – all are recorded for you to view when it’s convenient for you. 

"Joining the mindful membership has been the best thing I have done for my mental and emotional wellbeing. It's so easy, Sammy is such a gentle and loving guide. My go-to each day for a little rest and relaxation"

Kaye, Jannali

The Magic of Mindfulness Membership teaches you to:

  • Bring yourself calm in the present 

  • Understand how your brain and self-talk can influence your behaviour

  • Create awareness of unhelpful thoughts and patterns and learn alternatives

  • Cultivate powerful habits 

  • Challenge self-limiting thoughts and behaviours

  • Use mindfulness as an anchor through the good times and not so great

  • Let go of future worries or past regrets

  • Experience deeper connection with those around you

  • Be true to yourself and your needs 

Beach at Sunset

“You are the creator of your own dreams. Your life is in your hands. Don’t let noise from others, your inner critic, or fear dictate the course of your life. You have the power to do and be anything you choose. “

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Meet the face behind Still with Sammy

Living proof we have the power to shape who we become, Sammy understands life is far from smooth sailing. With the near loss of her firstborn son, the tragic and unexpected loss of her father, and her mother's survival of a brain tumour and bowel cancer, using her life experience to help others is her silver lining

A mum of two, she confesses to constantly learning. She enjoys writing, photography, and a glass of red, paired with plain chips (much to the amusement of her husband, who is a flavour kind of guy). 

Sammy is consistently commended for her heart-centered approach and for exuding calm. Her philosophy is to not settle for the way life is now – instead, embrace the opportunity to unlock your full potential and cultivate sustainable change. 

Here's everything you get when you join the Magic of Mindfulness Membership

  • Live and on-demand meditation classes

  • Live and on-demand afternoon breathwork

  • Access to a private Facebook group – connect with a community who understands you, interact as much or as little as you like 

  • A library of workshops with experts in the mental wellness space

  • Guided e-journal prompts and worksheets

  • A dedicated weekly #sammysupporthour for tailored advice and Q&A

  • A library of recorded meditation classes on video and audio

  • Gentle guidance to explore your own personal mindfulness journey

  • Newfound confidence, clarity, and energy for life 

  • All live events are recorded so you’re able to access them on demand when it suits you.


Investment: NOTHING! Yes you heard right, this is an absolutely free membership - Sammy believes mindfulness should be accessible to all. 

Mindfulness meditation can reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder 73% of the time.

"As a mum, my mental load constantly feels at full capacity. Sam took my needs into consideration and guided me through my first meditation. I left feeling grounded and in a much happier and healthier headspace. Something that I’ve been lacking for far too long."

Lauren, Heathcote

If nothing changes, nothing changes.
Small steps can lead to great destinations.