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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Why I decided to open my journal up and share the deepest and most vulnerable parts of my inner world.

For the longest time I have dreamt of writing my own book, of sharing my journey with the world in the hope that it will inspire and educate. I accept that now is not the right time on my journey to be deep diving into writing a book (I know this will come when it's right for me!) however I strongly believe my voice, along with my knowledge of all things mindfulness and mindset can truly help so many. It's with this passion and purpose to share my words, my world, all the parts of me, the light and the shade that Inside My Journal was born.

Inside My Journal is just that, a look inside the pages of my personal journal. In order for me to share from an authentic place, shining with my true essence and being of service to others through my words, everything that I share is going to be honest and raw. I'm committed to not hiding in the shame of my past, or turning a blind eye to the topics and thoughts that are important to me, even if I think these may bring about judgement. There is no greater power that one can have than owning their voice, loudly and proudly in a world that tell us we should be quiet and conform.

The truth is, it's scary opening up my inner world to complete strangers. Opening up myself to judgement, comparison and perhaps even ridicule. But the thing is, every great thing that has happened in this world has happened because that one person was prepared to step up, to be vulnerable and push forward in spite of their fears.

"There is no greater power that one can have than owning their voice, loudly and proudly in a world that tell us we should be quiet".

On this journey I will share stories from my past, answer journal prompts openly and honestly (just as I would in a usual journal), address current struggles and hurdles in my life, invite guests to open up the pages of their journals as well as share my knowledge and experience of all things mindfulness, mindset and meditation.

You can expect to really get to know me, the deepest parts of me as well as learning along the way insightful ways that you can start to live a life that is more mindful and aligned to your truest, highest self.

My only hope with being so raw and open is that I will inspire others to step into their light. That through being honest and vulnerable I will truly show that under the layers we're all so good at putting between our true selves and the world, we are all the same. We all struggle, we all cry, we all have doubts and fears, we all have pasts we're not proud of, and dreams that seem too big to follow. We are all the same, simply one energy on this beautiful human experience that is life!

Until next time, I wish you well. May your light shine bright!

Love, Sammy xoxox

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