Abundance Mist

Abundance Mist


Abundance Mist - Flow in Abundance


Create a natural flow of abundance in your life with this Abundance Mist. Lift your vibration up and place the intention of abundance around you. By invoking your sense of smell and using your breath you are taking your intention inwards to work on a conscious and unconscious level.


Spritz on your body, around your head, over your solar plexus and down the spine. Be open to new opportunities and watch as the energy of abundance enters your life.


Mist Ingredients


Sweet Orange energises and uplifts. An oil traditionally used to cultivate flow and abundance in our lives. 

Myrrh for heart opening oil,  inspiration and emotional awareness. 

Petitgrain promotes a higher level of consciousness. Like it's sweet and uplifting scent, petitgrain promotes positive thinking and outcomes.

Peru Balsalm Promotes feelings of inner peace. A good oil to use when healing our inner child. 


Also includes an Eunoia 'Abundance' Oracle card