Clear Quartz Generator

Clear Quartz Generator


Clear Quartz Crystals are a powerful healer for energy and clarity.  They are the crystals to use when you want to bring more clarity and increased energy into your life.


Crystal generators are used to raise the vibrational energy of other crystals in your collection as well as raising your own vibrational energy. There main aim is to generate energy.


Use this beautiful crystal generator in rooms where you have your other crystals, to help clear and raise their energy or place this where you'd like to welcome more clarity and energy into your life (your office, or place of work would be a great place to start!)


Price is for one crystal generator packaged in a gorgeous linen draw string bag.


Cleanse your crystals under moon light (the full moon is best) or return them to their natural source for cleansing (such as a rainforest or beach).


Packaged with love and blessed intentions, just for you.