Meditation Mist

Meditation Mist


Meditation Mist - A Journey Within


Invokes a feeling of calm awareness, feeling deeply grounded and connected with the Divine.


This blend is a synergy of locally grown Rose Myrtle and Lavender which is uplifting and soothing to the soul, Cedarwood and Vetiver to anchor and ground, with the expansive notes of frankincense and Australian sandalwood to bridge the gap to the Divine.


This mist makes the perfect addition to any meditative practice.


Use: Spritz on your body and around the crown of your head as you repeat your meditation mantra ‘I still my mind and surrender to the divine.’


Mist Ingredients


Cedarwood relaxes the overly analytical mind, releases toxic emotions, increases feelings of purpose and safety.

Lavender is an oil for Open communication, self-expression, and connection to our highest self. Affinity for the crown and throat chakra. 

Sandalwood is deeply grounding, a beautiful oil for meditation and presence. 

Frankincense increases our spiritual awareness, gratitude and connection to the Divine. 


You'll also receive your own Eunoia Meditation goddess oracle card.